Men want to be confident and need to be confident in order to live in a challenging world.  Many men act confident but are faking it; other men seem rather mild, even weak, but are stronger and more confident than those around them ever imagined.  What is the basis of true manly confidence?  Can the Bible provide for men the truth base they need for confidence?  In this FORGE series we will assert that the Bible is the foundation a man needs for confident living. 


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The Bible As The Foundation of Truth

Part 1 in Truth Series

The Bible is truly an amazing book in what it contains and in what it claims for itself!  Written over hundreds of years by dozens of authors, the Bible shows amazing unity and focus and leads the honest reader to conclude that there is a Divine Author behind all of the human authors.  Since God is the Ultimate Author of the Bible, therefore, we men can find in it the sure foundation for and confidence in what it says about our core identity as well as how to lead, work and what to fight for in life.

The Books of The Bible

Part 2 in Truth Series

The Bible is a library of 66 books originally written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek.  Men who trust the Bible should ask these questions about the Bible:  How did the books in the Bible get there?  Why are other books that could be in the Bible excluded?  How did the Bible get passed down to us today and was it transmitted properly?  How do we know? Answers to these questions build confidence in men.  Let’s talk about it this week!

The Historical Accuracy of the Old Testament & New Testament

Part 3 in Truth Series

A man can never have confidence in the Bible as a source of truth and therefore as an absolutely authoritative guide for his life until he can rest assured that the Bible contains true history and is not a made up story.  Today we confront the skeptics head on and show how the Bible is in fact, historically reliable and trustworthy in both the Old and New Testaments!

The Bible And Science

Part 4 in Truth Series

At FORGE we make the confident assertion that the Bible never contradicts the facts of science but that often the Bible contradicts the unproven theories of science.  Today we show how the Bible should be understood in relation to science and how this understanding fuels confidence in men who can thus rest assured that the Bible perfectly guides us as to how we should then live!



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