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Almost every man has heard that statement at one time or another.  Many men don’t think of themselves as leaders.  What would you think if someone told you that every man is a leader and that it’s a vital aspect of being a man and without embracing leadership you have a deficient manhood?


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Archive of Current & Past Series

2017 Pastors Forum

Our pastors are important and what they think is important.  Next week is our first Pastor’s Forum of 2017.  We’ll ask them some clear questions and hear their answers—and we’ll get a chance to interact.  Don’t miss this time for us as the men of many churches to be one church!  See you this week at FORGE!

Mission Driven Men Series

Every man is moving forward-but where are we going? Are we being pulled along by culture or are we following Christ our King? What kind of legacy are we creating right now? How does the Gospel of Grace build and energize men to a whole new way of living? We’ll answer these questions and offer life building guidance in this new series at FORGE! Join us!

Forged for Impact Series

All the Kings men matter!  When Jesus calls a man to Himself and makes him a son through faith, He unleashes a power in him that transforms that man from the inside out-a power which not only forgives men of their sin but forges in men the ability to further the Kings creation wide restoration process.  We are forged by the King of the Universe to not merely inhabit space but to make an impact.  Come and learn where you are called to make a difference!

Praying Loud & Clear Series

All Christian men know they should pray, and nearly all of us do pray-especially when we’re in trouble or in danger!   In our new series PRAYING LOUD & CLEAR!  The subtitle tells it all: HOW PRAYER BUILDS MEN WHO BUILD OTHERS.   For the first three weeks at FORGE in October we’ll be looking at key prayers in the New Testament and how those prayers bring us closer to God and at the same time teach us to pray in ways that help build others.  You’re going to like hearing guiltless teaching on prayer that will make a difference for the rest of your life!

Non Series Messages

These messages don’t belong to any series, and are stand along. These we recorded on Tuesday mornings at the Canterbury location in Oviedo Florida.



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